We help startups reach a unicorn status by finding the right people.

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The VON DER HEYDEN Executive Search & Investments Inc. main USP relies on three areas:


  1. Using our 30 year old, well established international network in various industries we help startups connect with key players within their industry.
  2. With over 30 years of highest-level executive search experience, we are able to help you place key management and advisory positions within your company that will take your start-up to the next level.
  3. We invest money into your business – we closely work with wealthy families and individuals seeking new investment ideas.


We have worked with companies taking them from a $100 million market cap to a $11 billion market cap placing every single board member position within the firm.


With this branch of the VON DER HEYDEN Group, we find unique startups that we believe in and help them to reach a unicorn status.

Von der Heyden Investments & Equity Searches

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